Our Team

Based in Amsterdam's diamond district, the House of Eléonore team is an eclectic mix of international professionals who are passionate about design, craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability.

Bernd Damme

Since the age of 16, the now 26-year-old Dutch entrepreneur has founded two businesses prior to House of Eléonore: Eyewear.nl and Pelliano. Damme has a strong social commitment to supporting (young) entrepreneurship.

Bernd is entirely dedicated to reviving craftsmanship and innovation within the fine jewellery industry, as Founder and Managing Director of House of Eléonore.

Ray Steele

A passionate creative entrepreneur, Ray has applied herself in the creative industries for over ten years as well as founding a creative events collective and more recently as part of an experimental chocolaterie.

While working in visual mediums in Australia, Asia and the UK she has honed in on creative direction and jewellery design as her primary focus whilst striving to deliver sustainability in business.

Become a part of our journey

We are committed to surrounding ourselves with creative and innovative individuals who enjoy the energy and excitement of a start up in the luxury industry. If that sounds like you, we would love to hear from you.

To learn more about the team or view opportunities to join the team, please visit our LinkedIn profile.

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