Bespoke and Made to Measure

We begin each Bespoke commission with a no obligation conversation to capture your hopes and wishes. Our Bespoke Consultant will guide you through the creation of a jewel to mark a magic moment such as a birthday, anniversary or engagement proposal.


We believe the bespoke process begins with your true desires, so your consultation may begin with a hint of an idea or specific brief and timeline - anything is possible.

Our bespoke consultant will introduce you to the world of bespoke by sharing insights, explaining new and old techniques as well as exploring finishes, materials and styles - all in the comfort of our atelier, online or a location of your choice.


After we have explored creativity, inspiration and process during the your consultation, our bespoke consultant works with artisans to bring your wishes to life.

Using traditional aquarelle painting techniques, we create unique designs around your creative influence ensuring your preference for jewellery style, design, function, budget and emotion is captured.


Impeccable design, craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability are the four principles that guide us when working with artisans, choosing production techniques and sourcing precious materials. We design and handcraft our jewels in the Netherlands with 18k Fairtrade gold and always strive to ensure materials are responsibly and sustainably sourced.


Dependant on your wishes, House of Eléonore will advise of the optimum creation and casting technique for your jewel. We will also offer your bespoke jewel as a three dimensional resin print, to ensure all details are perfect.

On the day of casting your bespoke jewel, we offer to document the process as it is a momentous point in the bespoke journey and exciting to see the idea of a jewel coming to life.

The final steps

Once your jewel has been cast, each component is looked over by our master goldsmith to ensure the highest quality and then meticulously assembled by hand. At this stage, specialised artisans join the process to add specialised finishing and setting techniques.
After your bespoke jewel has passed the hands of our team of artisans, our master goldsmith will carry out a final inspection and polish to ensure perfection.

An Heirloom

A jewel is never complete until it finds place with its owner... Until this point, your House of Eléonore bespoke jewel will be delivered in a bespoke jewel case. You will always have the freedom to inscribe a hidden message or poem for your loved one, customise and innovate as anything is possible.

“The House of Eléonore team personally guided me through the once-in-a-lifetime experience of creating my fiance’s dream engagement ring. Not only was the ring crafted to perfection but they also tailored the process around attending bespoke design appointments in my mother-in-laws home to ensure it was a huge surprise and hand delivered the finished jewel to me.”

A Special Request

Every House of Eléonore jewel is handcrafted in the Netherlands from 18k Fairtrade gold

This clean and minimal design was created for a client with an affinity for deep green Columbian emeralds and art deco architecture. With a very succinct brief given, with preference for aesthetic and numerical symmetry, we sourced a perfect emerald cut 1.33 carat emerald. It was flanked by two matching pairs of Royal Asscher baguette and trapezoid diamonds as well as two hidden brilliants on the inner rim of the shank, only visible to the owner of the ring. The diamond carat weight, of course, totalled to an exact 1 carat.

The provenance of the materials used within this, and every, bespoke commission is of great importance to us. We source all natural and laboratory created diamonds and gemstones with a criteria surrounding ethical and sustainable origins.

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